Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Jaskiran Dham

Profession : Entrepreneur

She is a woman entrepreneur running a successful  business of exports and imports since 1998, under the company named Jaskiran international.


In spite being brought up in a reputed  & conservative family,  she managed to do her business all over the world by catering to the top brands. Her buyers vary from the largest importers of Asia to various diplomats in India.
After successfully exploring the foreign markets, she decided to cater to the domestic markets. Her products are available at various stores catering to niche clientele under her own designer label KIRAN ASHLEEN.
She loves travelling to different countries for her work,  loves  collecting different  embellishments that give a very unique touch to the accessories.

Her USP is to give unlimited designs to the retailers so that the uniqueness of the product is maintained.


Jaskiran has also been actively involved in initiatives for womens’ overall personal development and has encouraged and fostered ways and means for women to become independent and empowered, regardless of their social strata.

She strongly believes that an individual who understands their self-worth can be the torch bearer of love, positivity and happiness. Through this belief, she formed a non profitable club, Zooming Keenagers group where she organizes monthly  events addressing social causes within our communities and fundraising events to help the lesser privileged classes.


Jaskiran is passionate about food and travel, shopping and fashion.
She is an avid reader and strongly believes in transforming the planet to be a better place to live in, filled with love and affinity.
Her vibrant & colourful personality, her spirit to keep trying and her positive aura has been an inspiration for many professionals and associates.


Her mantra for life : “It’s Easy.”

My fashion motto?

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish!

3 words to describe my sense of style?

Classic, Graceful and Sophisticated.


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Black dress, midi skirt, classic blouse/shirt, diamond studs & good fitting lingerie.

My favourite style influencers?



You wouldn’t catch me wearing?


My favorite party attire?

Black dress


My favorite work attire?

Classic blouse with  black Pants

Designers I love?

I absolutely adore Geisha Designs, Coco Chanel for classic timeless pieces and Zara for fast fashion.


A fashion blunder you have made in the past?

Wearing too many accessories.

My go to accessory?




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Lookbooks for Arpana Jain

Looks created by Dressire stylist Godawari Vishwakarma

Lookbook 1 

arpana 1.jpg

  • Feel comfy in this quick, easy and yet stylish look. Pair it up with your favorite leggings, your handy handbag and some classic red lipstick.
  • Throw on a trendy statement necklace to elevate the look.

Lookbook 2

arpana 2 copy

  • Want to add some extra height to your look? Try pairing your outfit with some flared pants. They are trendy and can be pulled off with all kinds of looks.

Lookbook 3

arpana 3

  • With the right accessories, any casual dress can be converted into an evening wear.

Thank you Arpana for inspiring all of us with your style and passion and for being our ‘Trendsetter of the Week’

Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Aryaa Chaudhary

A fashion design student who loves to travel and observe different cultures, Aryaa Chaudhary learnt to rediscover fashion in her own terms. She enjoys styling and creating her own unique looks. She has worked with Wooplr as a Campus Fashion Manager.

She is really passionate about dancing and modelling and has been featured as the model for the catalogue shoot for designer, Yashfa Shah who showcased her collection in India Runway Week, 2017.

IMG_20170516_033658“Wear what you look confident in. According to me, confidence can make any outfit look even better. It’s not always necessary to follow the trends, you can mix and match your styling with the current fashion to get more comfortable. Just remember you’re dressing for your own true self.”

My fashion motto?
Wear what you adore, just make sure you are looking confident.
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Unique,classy and comfortable.
The first thing I notice about people?
The first thing I notice is the way they carry themselves – which includes style, walk, talk, consideration for others and their behavior.
My style secret?
Carry yourself gracefully and confidently and you can look more appealing than before.
The best fashion advice I’ve ever received?
Wear what looks best on you. Don’t just run behind the trends and the style that other people are carrying, keep in mind your own personality and believe in your own beauty.
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Lookbooks for Nidhi Jaiswal

The beautiful looks have been created by stylist Sakshi Singh, for our Trendsetter of the Week, Nidhi Jaiswal.

Lookbook 1 

nidhi 1

  • Feel like a modern day princess in this ruffled dress, pair it up with some killer heels and get ready to rock the night!

Lookbook 2 

nidhi 2 copy

  • Fall in love with flounces and slip into these gladiator sandals to look fab on your vacations.

Lookbook 3

nidhi 3

  • A huge trend this SS17 – Banker stripes! Pair it up with white shorts to keep it classy.
  • Add accents with the rest of the outfit to make it chic and trendy.

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Thank you Nidhi for inspiring all of us with your style and passion and for being our ‘Trendsetter of the Week’.

Lookbooks for Simran Batra

The beautiful looks have been created by stylist Godawari Vishwakarma, for our Trendsetter of the Week, Simran Batra.

Lookbook 1 

  • Own this ultra stylish look for your most classiest of meetings!
  • Let the details on the garment do the talking and stick to a subtle colour palette when pairing accessories and shoes.

simran 1.jpg

Lookbook 2

  • Sarees are one of the most versatile garments – it can be worn for a meeting, a dinner date, an event and so much more.
  • This gorgeous saree will hug and accentuate your curves and emphasis your beauty with it’s gorgeous gold embroidered blouse.
  • Pair it with some killer heels and rock the look!

simran 2

Lookbook 3

  • There’s always something about French fashion, it has an air of elegance, comfort and is tres chic.
  • A classic example of a French inspired look is the one that was made famous by #cocochanel, the stripes & the red lipstick.
  • This look is perfect for Sunday brunch out with the ladies!

simran 3

Thank you Simran for inspiring all of us with your style and passion and for being our ‘Trendsetter of the Week’.

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Lookbooks for Priyanka Solanki

Lookbook 1

  •  Dramatic tie ups, edgy statement pieces – what else would you need to rock this day to night look?
  • Transit easily from a day time office look to night time by adding some edgy jewellery and some killer heels.priyanka 1 copy.jpg

Lookbook 2

  • You know something is highly fashionable when you start seeing it everywhere. With this pleated metallic skirt, you can pair it up with white sneakers or sexy heels.
  • Double up your fashion quotient by pairing this look with an off shouldered top, which is another trend that has caught up with everyone in the fashion world.

priyanka 2 copy

Lookbook 3

  •  Roll up your denims, put on your headband and rock this casual, fun summer look.

priyank a 3

Thank you Priyanka for inspiring all of us with your style and passion and for being our ‘Trendsetter of the Week’.

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Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Shalini Arora Kochhar

A former Miss India contestant, a fashion model, an interior designer, a luxury and lifestyle consultant, a top hospitality executive and a jewellery designer who loves all the glamour of Delhi. Shalini is  now the proud owner of  her jewellery label – Saks by Shalini Arora Kochhar.  Her first collection featured some bright pieces with neon accents as well as a subtle collection with semi precious stones.


“I have designed a range of chaand baalas in bright neon hues to add colour to a plain outfit or match the colour to a dramatic one. For working women, who prefer to wear muted tones of black white and grey, we have a range of neon scarves with beads and charms to add color to a working lunch. And finally, my semi precious collection with subtle coloured stones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds set in silver are also available for those who like to wear something simple and understated.”

My fashion motto?

Fashion is my passion…And I do it in style!

3 words to describe my sense of style?
Smile, confidence and the right attitude!
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Jewellery, Shoes, bags, sunglasses, exotic lingerie.. other than clothes!
My favourite style influencers?
Blake lively in gossip girl
Angelina Jolie
Priyanka Chopra
An Indian designer I simply adore?
Anamika Khanna, Malini Ramani
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