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Name : Nishi Singh

‘Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it!’
Determined to rise and make others rise with her, Nishi Singh is one such versatile and multifaceted personality. She serves as a dedicated Senior Executive with the Marvel Group and is actively associated with its Arts Vintaage project to promote India’s rich heritage. Founder of Naad Foundation, a public charitable trust, she is committed to alleviate the suffering of humans and develop opportunities for the underprivileged through spreading education, organizing different charitable events and guiding them for a blooming chance at life. She is also a thoughtful writer and a dreamy poetess; her words have the profoundness of lingering etched in the minds of the reader. A graduate from LSR College, she wears many hats with great élan.
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Passionate about art and music, she is an excellent painter and a versatile singer. Her paintings have featured in a number of painting exhibitions and auctions. As a singer, she has performed at prestigious music festivals like Taj Mahotsav Agra, Crafts Mela Chandigarh and Beach Festival Diu. Firmly believing that art provokes and challenges one to think deeply and critically, she has been instrumental in organizing a number of concerts with several living legends like Shri Ghulam Ali, Pandit Channulal Mishra and Shri Udit Narayan. She has also organised numerous plays that touch upon socially relevant issues and universal human values.
Recipient of many prestigious awards like Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Bharat Gaurav Samman Award, Super Woman Award and Sarojini Naidu Award for enormous contribution in the cultural field, she has also accepted honorary awards from the Delhi Government and Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment. Her major contributions to the society include being rigorously associated with several NGOs like Sparsh. The young social activist has a heart filled with love for our nation and also strives to raise awareness towards the sacrifices of our soldiers in the hearts of people by spearheading events like Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam. She holds a reputed position in the Advisory Panel of the popular newspaper ‘National Express’.
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Featured in a number of prestigious magazines and newspapers, she has recently accentuated big events like Silver Jubilee Celebrations of BSF Officers’ Wives Welfare Association and NSG Raising Day, with her melodious singing. Nishi Singh is a living example of a woman who walks in purpose does not have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.
My fashion motto?
In the world of changing trends I want to remain classic.
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3 words to describe my sense of style?
Make, do and mend.
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
A crisp white shirt, two  black dresses – trendy and classic, a smart black shirt, Indo western outfit and a trendy gown.
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My favourite style influencers?
Rekha: she is a classic beauty. An epitome of elegance and beauty.
Sonam Kapoor : She is a true fashionista and really knows how to carry herself with what she wears.
Lady Diana : One of the most popular style icon across the world. Celebrities & designers still look to her iconic style today.
Kareena Kapoor : She has an impeccable fashion sense, she is an absolute diva of bollywood.
Zeenat Aman : My all time favourite and the most glamourous actress of yester era.
One thing that people don’t know about me?
One thing that most of the people don’t know me about is that I am very superstitious.
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You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
You won’t catch me wearing-Balloon pants.
My favourite party attire?
My favourite party attire is a gown.
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The first thing that I notice about people?
The first thing I notice about people is the way they carry themselves with what they are wearing.
My style secret?
Dress for your body type not for the latest trend.
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At the end of the day what would you want your wardrobe to say about you ?
Effortless dresser. A blend of traditional and trendy style.
I’m waiting to splurge on?
I am waiting to splurge on a classic Louis Vuitton Bag.(I have a festish for hand bags).
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Dressire x Designers : Rinkoo Shroff




Rinkoo shroff -The label

A beautiful studio in Noida for apparels, with a tagline EVERYTHING DESIRED for over a decade that has pret, couture, fusions to formals and casuals to bridal especially for women and coordinates for men.


What is the inspiration behind your designs?
The inspiration behind my designs is opulence with glamour. For strong women who can carry anything and everything with elegance.
What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
The key element is the fabric and the finesse in work.
What challenges did you face when launching your brand?
Challenges I faced and I’m still facing is managing the whole show single handedly and oscillating  between my family and work.
What are your plans for the future?
The future plans are to serve more and to expand.
What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?
The key is to be honest with your work and to maintain business ethics in terms of quality and commitment. Women seldom realize their worth, step out of your fears.
What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?
Those women who want to pursue a similar path, my advice is to follow your passion. Fashion is sexy and its not about the size or colour, it is intelligence and class.
What you will wear with confidence will become fashion.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
Since my childhood, I have read lot of fashion magazine. Burlingtons was my favourite and I’m a creative person. Any form of creativity pacifies my senses and fashion is my passion.
What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?
Not every client is your loyal client. You have to keep evolving your stuff and don’t push yourself to fit into someone else’s wardrobe. Those who have an eye for your product, they will genuinely come to you
Have patience and do good work rather than becoming a lime light seeker.
How would you describe your brand?
Authenticity clubbed with opulence and glamour, along with quality check and commitment in all sorts of apparels.
We embrace our mistakes and rise above criticism as our logo describes.

Trendsetter of the Week : Rachna Mehra

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Name : Rachna Mehra
Profession : Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for Change
She is amongst the 100 Women Achievers of India Honored by Hon. President & Ministry Of Woman & Child Development Of India for transforming many lives through her Belief Work & inner world and passionate healer (Certificate of Science & Master Instructor Theta Healing USA.)
An active contributor for inner Voice column Hindustan Times.
My fashion motto?
Beauty is inward and it sparkles to shine out.
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Elegance, Simplicity, Evolving Persona
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Black Trouser, A White shirt, Stole, Accessories & a bag to match
My favourite style influencers?
My Grand-Mom
One thing that most people don’t know about me?
That I practice what I teach.
My favourite party attire?
Anything black
Who should everyone be following right now?
The first thing I notice about people?
Body language & character
My style secret?
I listen to my heart & feelings
The best fashion advice I have ever received?
Be confident & be your own stylist
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
Age of enlightenment

Trendsetter of the Week : Salloli Kumar

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Name : Salloli Kumar

Salloli Kumar is an alumina of the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. She is a post graduate in M.Phil.

During her university days, she has modeled for prestigious FDCI designers and brands both nationally and internationally. This has given her a long association with media and society pages. She has been covered intensely by  Dailies such as Hindustan Times, Times of India, Elle, Hello, India Today magazine and so on.She has been regularly covered by media for more than a decade now.


Salloli Kumar has successfully counselled and brought education to a number of teenagers from all wakes of life through ‘Her NGO’ . The NGO is owned by her own foundation The Learning and Leadership Institute Foundation. Salloli Kumar is also a celebrated lifestyle columnist and has written for prestigious dailies as The Asian age, Millennium post, Opinion express, The Pioneer, Zoom Delhi lifestyle and many more


Salloli Kumar has also made a foray in the world of fitness by setting up a facility in South Delhi. Due to her vast and long association with the world of glamour she has mentored a number of beauty pageants.

She likes to travel and party around the globe. Her favourite cities around the world are New York, Monte Carlo, Milan, Dubai and London.


3 words to describe my sense of style?

Assertive, Chic and Stylish.


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Blue denims, T shirts, Jumpsuits, really high heels, red short dress & a black figure hugging dress.


My favourite style influencers?

Certain European well known socialites that I had the privilege of meeting and socializing with, I love the way they present themselves. I’m also inspired by Jennifer Lopez ,Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron. Melania Trump is the most stylish woman for me at the moment, that restrained sexiness is spectacular, amazing and so powerful.


You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

Those saree gowns, those strange maxi like gowns with hair bun and mermaid curls..a big no no.


My favorite party attire?

This totally depends on my fitness level at the time of party. However, I like fitted clothes whether a short dress or long dress, with a little bit of bling and high heels.


My favorite work attire?

Work attire for me is always trousers and shirts or a short kurta over jeans. And definitely a pair of comfortable shoes.


Brands I love?

Indian brands are good especially for Indian clothes and sometimes even western. My favorites are Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahliani and Versace.

21245640_10155871484392275_394007032_n (1)

My go to must have accessory?

Earrings are a must have, a pair of sunglasses and  if need be, a good handbag /clutch and my trademark full bodied hairstyle.


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Lookbooks for Shelkka Sharma

Lookbook & style tips by Godawari Vishwakarma

Lookbook 1

shelkka 1

  • Jazz up your clothing selection with this one -of -a -kind lacy dress for late night dinners or night outs.
  • Complete this outfit with matching accessories.

Lookbook 2 

shelkka 2 copy

  • Flaunt your feminist style in this gorgeous ensemble from Alexander McQueen.
  • Complete the look by adding gorgeous accessories to it.

Lookbook 3

shelkka 3

  • Look your absolute best in this outfit and make the heads turn at your work place.
  • Team this outfit with gold accessories accent the outfit and to stand out from the crowd

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Trendsetter of the Week : Jacqualine Ledlie

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photo6091571916172273671Jacqualine Ledlie (born 23rd Nov 1988) is a plus size model and a TV reality show artist. She has appeared on the cover of various fashion magazines and has been a part of various reality shows of MTV like Splitsvilla 7 and Loveschool Season 2. She has even done a fitness show on NDTV, “Mark for sports”. In addition, she is a role model and influencer for many curvy woman across the globe.

“All I want to convey is “I don’t like to use the words ‘ Real women’ honestly”. I just like to use the word woman.”

Putting a label on the type of woman, it gets misconstrued and starts to offend people.


I am a big animal lover and have 6 fury babies at home who are a major part of my happiness. I have worked really hard and overcome so much negativity in life so that I can proudly say I give all credits to my parents and my younger sister who have always motivated me to move up and never look back.


My fashion motto? 

Fashion for me is all about being comfortable and carrying it off well


My 5 essential wardrobe elements? 

White tee, Ripped jeans, Black best Sports attire and White towels


My favourite style influencers?

I admire Kim Kardarshian and Jacqueline Fernandes
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
You wouldn’t catch me wearing draped sarees or harem pants
My favorite party attire?
A lil black dress with perfect earrings is a perfect party attire
My favorite work attire?
Work is a place where you need to be comfortable, I would say perfect fitted black pants and a nice Kurti.
Brands I love?
Sabyasachi & Ralph Lauren
My go to- must have accessory?
Accessories is something that I feel is something you need to really match out with what you’re wearing. If everything is heavy it’s best to keep it light on accessories. I love wearing ethnic jewellery and I love funky stuff.
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Lookbooks for Gayatri Ojha

Lookbooks and style tips by Godawari Vishwakarma

Lookbook 1

gayatri 1

  • Feel like you just stepped out of the runway with this poppy red outfit.
  • To complete the look, match it with the minimal accessories as the red colour is enough to make you stand out from the crowd.


Lookbook 2

gayatri 2 copy

  • Feel the carefree vibes with this bohemian outfit for a casual day out.
  • Accessorize it with a few crystals and feathers to compliment this look.


Lookbook 3

gayatri 3

  • Make yourself shine in this sexy outfit for your night out and stay glamorous with the matching accessories.
  •  Smokey eyes can be perfect add on for this look

Trendsetter of the Week : Shelkka Sharma

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Name : Shelkka Sharma

Profession : I am natural clairvoyant and I work closely with the powerful angelic realms, ascended masters and guardian angels.


My  journey into the psychic development started about 9 years ago. A Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Certified Angel Practitioner, I channel messages and guidance from the angels to heal finances, relationships, health, career.

5 (1)

“I can help you to unlock the gate to the future, your desire; and would love to lead you down a path of greater joy, prosperity and abundance, by healing any blocks in aura chakras that prevent you from living to your true potential. I am greatly involved in conduction consoling on all issues of life, channeling healing messages from the spirit world to clients on a one-on-one basis,” says Shelkka.



My goal in life is to help people awaken and develop their true powers which will lead them towards fulfillment and improve their life.

I have been awarded with the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Bharat Nirwan Award, and the Human Resources award.


3 words to describe your style?
3 words that describe my sense of style are clean, polished, and feminine.
3 (1)
Your favourite party attire?
My favourite party attire is a Saree .
4 (1)
What is the first thing you notice in people?
The first thing I notice about people are their shoes.
At the end of the day, what would you like your wardrobe to say about you?
At the end of the day my wardrobe will say “Thank you gorgeous for being a fantastic stylist.”
What is your style secret?
My style secret is that I use lot of accessories to make my outfits look even more beautiful
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Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Gayatri Ojha
They say a woman wears many hats. We are featuring one such multi-faceted woman in this times feature, Gayatri Ojha – a staunch corporate woman, a self-taught artist, an avid traveller, a self-confessed spirituality addict on a quest to awaken her true inner potential and a style enthusiast! While her mainstay is to launch high profile marketing campaigns for one of the worlds largest energy company, that doesn’t deter her from traveling the world in style and creating beautiful art inspired by her myriad experiences. When we asked her where she comes from, she aptly replied ‘from this world and from her experiences’. One thing that’s constant in her life, no matter how high the tide gets, is her sense of style. As Coco Chanel said – ‘a woman can have anything in this world if she dresses for it’.


My fashion motto?

Fashion should empower women and allow us to really live the different parts we play everyday. Sometimes serious, sometimes mellow, sometimes upbeat. A piece of clothing according to me fits in best when it reflects my mood.


3 words to describe my sense of style?

Bohemian Free Spirit

My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

A black belt, A printed kimono, A pair of boyfriend distressed jeans, A pair of beige booties and a head scarf !

One can create manifold permutations using any of the above.


My favourite style influencers?

I am extremely inspired by Kalki and her sense of effortless style. And Audrey Hepburn is a classic style icon that I adore!

You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

I am addicted to Kohl and I will be damned if I was found dead without the good old kajal that my grandmother used to put in my eyes since I was a 2 year old!


My favorite party attire?

A low back – backless sling dress in chiffon.

My favorite work attire?

A formal blazer with a feminine outfit like a print dress/wide-legged flowy pants.


Brands I love?

I love Masaba for its combination of drama and bohemia, and I absolutely adore Kate Spade and Balmain

A fashion blunder you have made in the past?

Worn too many accessories – the rule as per me is not to exceed 3.

My go to must have accessory?

A statement hand cuff – It can dramatize any outfit in a jiffy.


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Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Anu Dheer

Profession : An event coordinator, a journalist with Delhi Crime Morcha and a social activist.

Anu Dheer comes from a family of jewellers. She has been a part of the jury for many fashion shows.

She has been honoured with many prestigious awards like the Sarojini Naidu National Women Achievers Award, the Art & Peace Award, Beti Hai Anmol Award and the Sammaan & Salaam Award amongst many more.


My fashion motto?

Whatever I do, I do it with grace.

3 words to describe my sense of style?



My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Jewellery, my branded hand bag, foot wear, my glasses & my Confidence.

My favourite style influencers?

My daughter.


My favorite party attire?

Anything which makes me different from everyone else.

My favorite work attire?

Indian clothes that I wear with confidence.


Brands that I love?

Zari, Bebe, Forever New & Zara.

My go to must have accessory?

My earrings.


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Trendsetter of the Week

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Name : Jaskiran Dham

Profession : Entrepreneur

She is a woman entrepreneur running a successful  business of exports and imports since 1998, under the company named Jaskiran international.


In spite being brought up in a reputed  & conservative family,  she managed to do her business all over the world by catering to the top brands. Her buyers vary from the largest importers of Asia to various diplomats in India.
After successfully exploring the foreign markets, she decided to cater to the domestic markets. Her products are available at various stores catering to niche clientele under her own designer label KIRAN ASHLEEN.
She loves travelling to different countries for her work,  loves  collecting different  embellishments that give a very unique touch to the accessories.

Her USP is to give unlimited designs to the retailers so that the uniqueness of the product is maintained.


Jaskiran has also been actively involved in initiatives for womens’ overall personal development and has encouraged and fostered ways and means for women to become independent and empowered, regardless of their social strata.

She strongly believes that an individual who understands their self-worth can be the torch bearer of love, positivity and happiness. Through this belief, she formed a non profitable club, Zooming Keenagers group where she organizes monthly  events addressing social causes within our communities and fundraising events to help the lesser privileged classes.


Jaskiran is passionate about food and travel, shopping and fashion.
She is an avid reader and strongly believes in transforming the planet to be a better place to live in, filled with love and affinity.
Her vibrant & colourful personality, her spirit to keep trying and her positive aura has been an inspiration for many professionals and associates.


Her mantra for life : “It’s Easy.”

My fashion motto?

Keep it simple! Keep it stylish!

3 words to describe my sense of style?

Classic, Graceful and Sophisticated.


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Black dress, midi skirt, classic blouse/shirt, diamond studs & good fitting lingerie.

My favourite style influencers?



You wouldn’t catch me wearing?


My favorite party attire?

Black dress


My favorite work attire?

Classic blouse with  black Pants

Designers I love?

I absolutely adore Geisha Designs, Coco Chanel for classic timeless pieces and Zara for fast fashion.


A fashion blunder you have made in the past?

Wearing too many accessories.

My go to accessory?




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Lookbooks for Madhavi Advani

Lookbooks and style tips by Godawari Vishwakarma.

Lookbook 1

madhavi 1

  • Sweeten up your look with this charming outfit.
  • Keep it chic for your casual outings and for parties by pairing this look with subtle accessories.

Lookbook 2 

madha 2

  • Glam up your look with this gorgeous dress.
  • Style it with a pair of strappy footwear to complete the look.

Lookbook 3

madhavi 3

  • Add a fresh and trendy vibe to your wardrobe with this outfit.
  • Make heads turn by adding metallic accessories to the outfit.


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