Divas of Dressire : Roshni Thakur

Roshni Thakur lives in Delhi and is a musician who has worked with the who’s who of Bollywood. She has two Urdu poetry publications to her credit.
Roshini is an artist and a strong socialite, she is a part of the Delhi’s elite page 3.
Roshini’s fan following include the best of talent and elites of  Delhi. she is a strong networking contact and with the same easy has an eye to identify talent and promote.

Trendsetter of the Week : Avleen Aanand

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Name : Avleen Aanand

Avleen hails from New Delhi, the capital of India. Born and brought up in a family where being a girl is not a burden but a privilege, she decided to become a filmmaker who believes in a cinema which connects with people and stays forever.


She did her Bachelors and Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from reputed universities, where she learned and explored her ideas and made some inscrutable films. Not a believer in a slave job, she works on her own terms. Working as a freelancer, for about five years, she made a mark in her industry leaving behind all the norms that once tried to stop her. Still living in Delhi, Avleen helping herself by working on project basis with like-minded people and keeping her faith alive for everything that’s coming her way.


My fashion motto?

Define your own statement. Simple yet elegant.


3 words to describe my sense of style?

Easygoing, comfortable, elegant


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Three loose tshirts, one denim shorts, one pajama.


My favourite style influencers?

Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra


One thing that most people don’t know about me?

I don’t repeat my clothes


My favourite party attire?

A nice short dress (green, white)


The worst trend to ever become popular is?

The dhotti trend


The first thing I notice about people?

The way they smile


The best fashion advice I have ever received?

Dress what you like, never to impress

If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?

The Mughal era


Trendsetter of the Week : Rachna Mehra

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Name : Rachna Mehra
Profession : Spiritual Stylist & Catalyst for Change
She is amongst the 100 Women Achievers of India Honored by Hon. President & Ministry Of Woman & Child Development Of India for transforming many lives through her Belief Work & inner world and passionate healer (Certificate of Science & Master Instructor Theta Healing USA.)
An active contributor for inner Voice column Hindustan Times.
My fashion motto?
Beauty is inward and it sparkles to shine out.
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Elegance, Simplicity, Evolving Persona
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Black Trouser, A White shirt, Stole, Accessories & a bag to match
My favourite style influencers?
My Grand-Mom
One thing that most people don’t know about me?
That I practice what I teach.
My favourite party attire?
Anything black
Who should everyone be following right now?
The first thing I notice about people?
Body language & character
My style secret?
I listen to my heart & feelings
The best fashion advice I have ever received?
Be confident & be your own stylist
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
Age of enlightenment

Trendsetter of the Week : Neeleshwari Basak

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photo6239851826660878341Neeleshwari Basak‘s Worldwide Institute of Grooming & Pageants ( WIGP ) is the first of it’s own kind. A world-class Institution that is a one-stop solution for aspirants & dreamers who wish to make outstanding contributions in the glamour industry; especially Model Management, Pageant Grooming, Acting-Films and Image Consulting.

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Show the world who you are by polishing your potential & mettle under WIGP and Ms. Neeleshwari’s Watchful eye and Masterly Expertise!
My fashion motto?

Make a signature statement by being an outstanding fashion trendsetter.

3 words to describe my sense of style?
Grace, Style & Elegance.


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Parties : Cinderella Gowns, Fish-tail gowns

Formals : Blazers & Pencil-skirts/ trousers

Semi-Formals: Classic attires with asymmetricsl cuts & drapes

Casuals : Hipsters, Body-hugging jeans with Tees/ Semi-formal tops

My favourite style influencers?
I evolve my own style & do not allow any influencers to color my imagination & vision


You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
Normal salwar kameez.

My favorite party attire?
A classic outfit with an interesting neckline, asymmetrical cut with a drape ( with an unusual element / feature)


My favorite work attire?
Straight one piece, comfortable business dress

Brands I love?
Manish Malhotra, Lis Claborne ( US ), Chanel


A fashion blunder you have made in the past?
Wearing a business suit for a party where I would have preferred looking sensually hot.

My go to, must have accessory?
Exquisite, outstanding royal neck pieces.


Trendsetter of the Week : Neha Chauhan

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Name : Neha Chauhan
Profession : Editor at Ravish Wedding Magazine

My fashion motto?

For me, fashion is equivalent to convenience. Being comfortable in what you are wearing is more important whether it’s a saree or a short dress.
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Simple, straight and sensible
My favourite style influencers?
Though I prefer not to follow anybody’s style as what look good on others might not look good on me, but I like Deepika Padukone’s and Priyanka Chopra’s sense of styling.
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
A swim suit
My favorite party attire?
My little black dress which I believe would be everybody’s fav.
My favorite work attire?
Denim and T shirt
Brands and designers I love? 
Fab India, W, Biba. Though no one can beat the skill that Indian Designers have but if I have to talk about International fashion brand designer, then it would be Ellie Saab.
A fashion blunder you have made in the past?
One always learn from the past blunders and I would not repeat wearing a slit dress, which I wore at one of the parties.
My go to must have accessory?


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Lookbooks for Jacqualine Ledlie

Lookbooks and style tips by Godawari Vishwakarma

Lookbook 1

jacqualine 1

  • Maintain a trendy style all year long with this stunning plaid dress.
  • Match this dress with your favorite booties for a night out with the ladies.

Lookbook 2

jacqualine 2 copy

  • Make your day more stylish by popping on this outfit for a casual outing.

Lookbook 3

jacqualine 3

  • Slay in your curves with this sexy body hugging jumpsuit.
  • Pair it with a shrug to add an additional layer of comfort and match all the accessories to maintain the look


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Trendsetter of the Week : Salloli Kumar

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Name : Salloli Kumar

Salloli Kumar is an alumina of the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. She is a post graduate in M.Phil.

During her university days, she has modeled for prestigious FDCI designers and brands both nationally and internationally. This has given her a long association with media and society pages. She has been covered intensely by  Dailies such as Hindustan Times, Times of India, Elle, Hello, India Today magazine and so on.She has been regularly covered by media for more than a decade now.


Salloli Kumar has successfully counselled and brought education to a number of teenagers from all wakes of life through ‘Her NGO’ . The NGO is owned by her own foundation The Learning and Leadership Institute Foundation. Salloli Kumar is also a celebrated lifestyle columnist and has written for prestigious dailies as The Asian age, Millennium post, Opinion express, The Pioneer, Zoom Delhi lifestyle and many more


Salloli Kumar has also made a foray in the world of fitness by setting up a facility in South Delhi. Due to her vast and long association with the world of glamour she has mentored a number of beauty pageants.

She likes to travel and party around the globe. Her favourite cities around the world are New York, Monte Carlo, Milan, Dubai and London.


3 words to describe my sense of style?

Assertive, Chic and Stylish.


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Blue denims, T shirts, Jumpsuits, really high heels, red short dress & a black figure hugging dress.


My favourite style influencers?

Certain European well known socialites that I had the privilege of meeting and socializing with, I love the way they present themselves. I’m also inspired by Jennifer Lopez ,Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron. Melania Trump is the most stylish woman for me at the moment, that restrained sexiness is spectacular, amazing and so powerful.


You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

Those saree gowns, those strange maxi like gowns with hair bun and mermaid curls..a big no no.


My favorite party attire?

This totally depends on my fitness level at the time of party. However, I like fitted clothes whether a short dress or long dress, with a little bit of bling and high heels.


My favorite work attire?

Work attire for me is always trousers and shirts or a short kurta over jeans. And definitely a pair of comfortable shoes.


Brands I love?

Indian brands are good especially for Indian clothes and sometimes even western. My favorites are Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahliani and Versace.

21245640_10155871484392275_394007032_n (1)

My go to must have accessory?

Earrings are a must have, a pair of sunglasses and  if need be, a good handbag /clutch and my trademark full bodied hairstyle.


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