Trendsetter of the Week

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Publecity is a industrial themed pub in Pune. This concept is very new to Pune, we have used a lot of metal, scrape material, oil drums.
My fashion motto?
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

My wardrobe essentials?
Jumpsuits, Little black dress, denim jacket, gown, jeans and t-shirt
My style icons?
Deepika Padukone
Victoria Beckham
Kate Middleton
The worst trend to become popular?
bell bottom pants
My go to office attire?
White shirt and black formal skirt
My favourite brands?
Michael cinco
Sherry hill
I can’t leave the house without?
car keys, sun glasses, my purse, lip gloss, Kajal

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The talented Ms. Arati Basnet seeks immense amount of keenness in brand endorsements, business, modeling, fashion, singing, gardening, painting.
Arati who grew up in the city of Kathmandu, has always been inclined towards art, music, painting, fashion, media, modelling while seeing the world in a different way. Her works exudes her confidence.
Arati easily dabbles into media and handles press conferences and has been a part of taking interviews. She has phenomenal experience in handling press, organizing events and working with celebrities.
My Fashion Motto?
Wear stuff that brings out your personality

My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Undergarments matching my see through dresses, stoles matching my dresses, different size handbags matching the occasion I go to, shoes appropriate for driving and walking .

You wont catch me wearing?

A man’s suit

My favourite party attire?

Marriage – saree;
Party – pants and tops
Official party – kurtis.
Brands I love?
W and Stop to shop.

A fashion blunder you have made in the past?

Jumped into the pool in a transparent swimming costume!


Trendsetter of the Week : Kirti Virmani

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30729062_10215500160438458_7759034556832808960_nI ‘m a proud mother of two children and with MSc (maths) B.ed and Digital Marketing course , working for last one year with GRR SALUBRITY & EVENTS PVT LTD . Apart from I’m trained nail artist and love to travel too.


I started my fitness Journey with GRR-“Gurgaon Road Runners” and now have been associated with GRR for the last three years. I have been actively participating in running and cycling events and that’s how it changed my life and got me hooked on to fitness and became a part of my daily routine. Initially I started with running but felt fascinated towards long distance cycling.


In My running journey : I have participated in more than 20 marathon events from 10km race to a 21km half marathon in India and internationally. Few of the prestigious ones are : SCMM (nowTMM) Mumbai, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, , IDBI New Delhi Marathon, Pinkathon, Internationally: Rockingham half marathon Western Australia amongst many more.


Further, I am an Ambassador of Amritsar half marathon , Juniorun New Delhi and Juniorun Jaipur. A committed and passionate professional, always displaying a can do attitude, collaborative and fun team player.


My fashion motto?
I’ve NEVER been a fashion/trend follower, I have my own style and don’t care fashion for me is simple and yet elegant


3 words to describe my sense of style?
Feminine, Classic, Comfortable


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Denims, formal tee, dresses trousers, cycling jersey and shorts


My favourite style influencers?
My sister


My favorite party attire?
Tee and shorts


My favorite work attire?
Formal trouser and shirt

Brands I love?
Levi’s, Estee Lauder

My go to must have accessory?
My watch



Dressire x Designer : Pooja Motwani


40046281_248087769232328_8692283490864988160_nWhat is the inspiration behind your designs?
I’m focusing on old, bold styles (back 300 years) and creating new embroideries and prints through the help of oldies.


What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
I’m focusing on all seasons because most of the clients live overseas & I choose fabric accordingly so that my clients can wear & we focus on prices too.


What challenges did you face when launching your brand?
I don’t compete with anyone and when you don’t compete, you face less challenges. But there are many challenges but one of that is how to sell now


What are your plans for the future?
My plans for future is to focus on franchising of my label ‘Pooja Motwani’


What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India? 
If you are loyal to your customers, you will have good clients and if you are focused on your goals, no one can stop you.


What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you? 
If you are thinking to start something then remember, friends & family wont buy anything from you , your focus should be outside that circle. If you think you can do it then don’t wait,  just start & be positive the work wont disappoint you.


What sparked your interest in fashion? 
My dad because he owns a clothing store & designer Ritu Beri – I always wanted to become like her.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company? 
Many lessons – one of them is never give credit to anyone because in the end, you will end up losing the relationship and nothing is more than earning a relation ! Money, you can always earn but a relation is really hard to earn.


How would you describe your brand?
Label Pooja Motwani started in 2004-2005 and today we have reached to almost all countries and we have done more than 600 multiple exhibitions in 15 countries .Our motto is to give best quality & services to our client worldwide. We attend clients at our designer studio and we offer special services to our international clients through Skype or video shopping. You can say we provide live shopping worldwide. I have recently done a fashion show in Santa Clara and Hong Kong and I promoted Sindhi Ajrak.

Trendsetter of the Week :

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Nimrata is a professional Tarot card reader, a Reiki grandmaster. She is associated with the magazine “Glimpse”.
She loves to read and is a classy dresser.

3 words to describe my sense of style?

Original, chic & classy

My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

Tommy jeans, black shirt, white chickan kari  anarkali,  heels, a floral dress

Tarot reader-0001(2)

You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

Leggings under a skirt


The first thing I notice about people?

Their bags and shoes


If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?

The Mughal era



Dressire X Designers : Ashima S Couture

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An Exquisite High fashion luxury bespoke western wear Label by Ashima Sharma.

The Label ASHIMA S COUTURE defines a woman who is very modern and chic, she loves to be playful with her looks and has an eye for trends, she oozes with confidence and appeal. She lures everyone with her subtle charm, poise and grace. She’s not just a delight to the eyes but her aura radiates elegance. This woman carries herself with a vision to stand out amongst the crowd, she’s enigmatic, dynamic and a visionary. She’s not afraid to think out of the box. She’s willing to try the unconventional and bend the rules. Every piece of her clothing is hand crafted to excellence. She’s upbeat with the cutting edge new era but also true to her roots. She has an extraordinary demeanor among the ordinary, she’s raw, she’s soft, she’s bold and she’s the ultimate Trendsetter!


The Label ASHIMA S COUTURE is for women with all shapes and sizes which works towards making them shed the stereotypes of body insecurities. It celebrates Womanhood by keeping up with best of international Runway trends at affordable prices and then adding the feature of bespoke customization for making a particular design suitable for women with different body types.

Enter your very own world of Glamour and Glitz with the internationally acclaimed multiple award winning artist and designer Ashima Sharma, bringing you the international fashion runway looks at your doorstep.


Keep up with the latest trends & styles and be the most happening version of yourself. The Label creates a wide array of high fashioning sizzling designs to steam up your closet.
Give your folks an envy trip and own exclusively styled themed collections with luxury clothing made with special  fabrics imported from different places across the globe to add the exotic x factor to your looks on a day to day basis.


What is the inspiration behind your designs?
Fashion is art for me, it’s an expression. So my inspiration has always been a real flawed woman who carries herself with confidence. Everything around me inspires me for my artistic fashion journey. At my brand we aim to curate wearable fashion, which is not just fashionable but is also comfortable.

What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
I take colours/tends very seriously and then I add comfort factor to it. So while creating collections I take in consideration with  what’s trending globally and then I improvise by adding signature styling factors


What challenges did you face when launching your brand?
The major challenge was brand acceptance, it happens everywhere when you launch a brand it’s up to people how well they receive it. With me I’m grateful that I got amazing response & sales from not just the masses but also from the celebs.

1524563012209 (1)

What are your plans for the future?
My plans for future are not very mighty, instead I want to go with the flow. As for me my journey has been full of surprises so it’s very early to decide how far I could go but one thing for sure is going to happen & that is ‘growth’. I have always aimed to be a growth oriented person, so I plan to grow and become better in my craft each day.


What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?
Even though women are really suppressed in India but still we have an amazing array of women who have been pushing the limits & are becoming fast growing successes. So I feel the success mantras or keys to success for women in India is their sheer determination & will to aim for a higher notch each time. We have some great competitive, earnest & smart women who have got it all going for themselves by their hard work & will power. Hard work, determination & will power are indeed inevitable keys to success.


What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?
Creative field works like creating arty master pieces so instead of blindly following trends they should work to develop a signature style. The young fashion designers/fashion aspirants/creative professionals should never be distracted by the glamour in this field instead should be very focused right from the beginning.


What sparked your interest in fashion?
Fashion for me is art, it’s an expression. I always had a creative instinct which led me to become an artist, art was followed by illustrations which finally got me interested in curating high fashion.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?
The art of retailing & retaining are the prime aspects that I have learnt ever since, Retailing is generating sales & Retaining is to maintain the flow of sales consistently; these traits can’t be learnt in any college lectures. No university can ever teach you how to get your stocks finished, so with experience I learnt these lessons. Also I learnt the importance of mass acceptance.


How would you describe your brand?
ASHIMA S COUTURE focuses on women of all shapes & sizes. The label has always stood for wearability unlike being just good for the ramp shows. The brand creates high fashion which also takes comfort in consideration while blending in with trends.


Trendsetter of the Week : DR. Anjali Chaugule

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Dentist. Model. Artist. Dancer

A dynamic dentist by profession, an elegant Argentine tango and salsa dancer, an aspiring model, a passionate shutterbug, an artist at core, an eternal optimist and an epitome of elegance is what defines her in a nutshell.

Dr.Anjali is a stained glass and canvas artist, she loves to sketch, loves origami, modeling and loves to do everything that is creative and that which inspires her and fuels her creativity. She is an ardent lover of jazz and country music, exotic destinations and picturesque places of beauty. She has traveled internationally to UK, Japan, Paris, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Dubai with regards to her continuing professional development as a dentist and for her love of dance.


She believes that “Each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint and the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you!!

Her mantra for life is “There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; there’ll never me another me, I’ll make the most of myself”


Her philosophy for life is simple- You never fail until you give up; don’t seek aid, seek strength; don’t look for miracles, let your actions construct them for you; don’t pursue stories of other, unfold your own adventure! You never know what is next but trusting your instincts, planning for your life, a little hard-work & incredible support by your family will take you places and you will see how beautiful Life is!

milky way reflection at William's lake,colorado


What is your fashion motto?
Each day is a page in your fashion story. I don’t really believe in any fashion rules, I think fashion is more of self expression – wear whatever you want with STYLE because personality isn’t just the first thing people see!
3 words to describe my sense of style?
An amalgamation of classy, elegant and creating my own signature always!
The first thing I notice about people?
I will most likely form an opinion about someone based on whether or not he or she smiles. Smiling is a universal sign of friendliness, and wearing one makes you immediately more approachable. Think about it. If you need to ask someone a question or are looking for someone to talk to – would you approach a person who’s smiling or one who’s scowling?
A warm and inviting smile goes a long way. It is a quick and easy way to let people know that you are friendly. Smiles welcome people. They build trust before you ever speak a word. When you first meet people, ensure you greet them with a smile to avoid being judged as rude or disinterested.
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is….  ?
I would choose the Peshwa era..I loved the makeover of Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao Mastani because of the grandiose demeanor which was reflected through the make up artistry and the gorgeous attires!
At the end of the day, what would you want your wardrobe to say about you?
My wardrobe should speak “A blend of The Systematic Stylist and Trend Trailblazer!!”
She is an organized woman in every aspect of her life, from her categorized closet and inspirational boards to her calculated shopping trips. She is at ease taking fashion risks but does her homework to achieve fashion perfection. She is energized by novelty, always looking for ways to push her comfort boundaries and aims to create looks that no one else has seen before. She has a diverse wardrobe that is organized like a work space to facilitate the creative process.