Trendsetter of the Week : Jacqualine Ledlie

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photo6091571916172273671Jacqualine Ledlie (born 23rd Nov 1988) is a plus size model and a TV reality show artist. She has appeared on the cover of various fashion magazines and has been a part of various reality shows of MTV like Splitsvilla 7 and Loveschool Season 2. She has even done a fitness show on NDTV, “Mark for sports”. In addition, she is a role model and influencer for many curvy woman across the globe.

“All I want to convey is “I don’t like to use the words ‘ Real women’ honestly”. I just like to use the word woman.”

Putting a label on the type of woman, it gets misconstrued and starts to offend people.


I am a big animal lover and have 6 fury babies at home who are a major part of my happiness. I have worked really hard and overcome so much negativity in life so that I can proudly say I give all credits to my parents and my younger sister who have always motivated me to move up and never look back.


My fashion motto? 

Fashion for me is all about being comfortable and carrying it off well


My 5 essential wardrobe elements? 

White tee, Ripped jeans, Black best Sports attire and White towels


My favourite style influencers?

I admire Kim Kardarshian and Jacqueline Fernandes
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
You wouldn’t catch me wearing draped sarees or harem pants
My favorite party attire?
A lil black dress with perfect earrings is a perfect party attire
My favorite work attire?
Work is a place where you need to be comfortable, I would say perfect fitted black pants and a nice Kurti.
Brands I love?
Sabyasachi & Ralph Lauren
My go to- must have accessory?
Accessories is something that I feel is something you need to really match out with what you’re wearing. If everything is heavy it’s best to keep it light on accessories. I love wearing ethnic jewellery and I love funky stuff.
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Trendsetter of the Week : Shelkka Sharma

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Name : Shelkka Sharma

Profession : I am natural clairvoyant and I work closely with the powerful angelic realms, ascended masters and guardian angels.


My  journey into the psychic development started about 9 years ago. A Tarot Reader, Numerologist and Certified Angel Practitioner, I channel messages and guidance from the angels to heal finances, relationships, health, career.

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“I can help you to unlock the gate to the future, your desire; and would love to lead you down a path of greater joy, prosperity and abundance, by healing any blocks in aura chakras that prevent you from living to your true potential. I am greatly involved in conduction consoling on all issues of life, channeling healing messages from the spirit world to clients on a one-on-one basis,” says Shelkka.



My goal in life is to help people awaken and develop their true powers which will lead them towards fulfillment and improve their life.

I have been awarded with the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Bharat Nirwan Award, and the Human Resources award.


3 words to describe your style?
3 words that describe my sense of style are clean, polished, and feminine.
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Your favourite party attire?
My favourite party attire is a Saree .
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What is the first thing you notice in people?
The first thing I notice about people are their shoes.
At the end of the day, what would you like your wardrobe to say about you?
At the end of the day my wardrobe will say “Thank you gorgeous for being a fantastic stylist.”
What is your style secret?
My style secret is that I use lot of accessories to make my outfits look even more beautiful
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