Dressire x Designers : Preety Sameer

preety couture.jpg37900294_1926819747380312_9134836852325351424_nWhat is the inspiration behind your designs?
My inspiration behind my designs is to make my every client more beautiful.
What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
The key elements when I design a collection is firstly the curiosity about transforming what should be into what could be, secondly I try to understand the position and mindset of my client as the stuff that I made is for them only and not for myself
What challenges did you face when launching your brand?
While launching my brand the very first challenge was to initiate this whole thing as I was a house wife and I had to create my own identity
What are your plans for the future?
 No particular plans but yes I want to work till my last page and to built my own identity
What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?
Courage and passion is the most important key to success. One must have the passion to work on their dreams and it’s the courageous ones who succeed in their career.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
I was always crazy for Fashion – I would say from childhood I was crazy to see beautiful actresses in beautiful dresses
How would you describe your brand?
My brand name is ‘Preety’s couture” – reinventing your curves, I design and manufacture fashionable clothes for my clients according to their body shape and needs.

Trendsetter of the Week

trensetter banner copy29680945_2155569597794154_286665692_o.jpg
Jigna S. Shah, C.E.O of REVE’ which is one of the top high-end clothing brands in Gujarat, with their own flagship stores at the most posh area of  Ahmedabad  & Mumbai.
A graduate from NIFT, Jigna has been honoured with Global Award as one of the “50 MOST INFLUENTIAL  GLOBAL  YOUTH  LEADERS” by World Federation, one of the 100 Women faces as Womennovators of India for 2018 and many more.
My fashion motto?
Know yourself

3 words to describe my sense of style?
Confident, Carefree, Classy


My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Scarf, Jacket, Corset, Bandana, White Formal Shirt


My favourite style influencers?
Sushmita Sen, Anushka sharma


You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
Blingy Loud Outfits

My favourite party attire?
Off shoulder flowy long dress.
Who should everyone be following right now?
Sonam Kapoor

The first thing I notice about people?
Skin quality which reflects the life style & nature of a person!


My style secret?
Mix & Match.


If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
Mughal era of Indian history.


Dressire x Designer : Deepti Acharya

deepti.png37655409_1722880471093672_7884854859264950272_n.jpgI graduated from School of fashion technology and post completing my internship I started working in Pune.

Those times, this field wasn’t as common as Medicine and Engineering. Getting into this line, today I give complete credit to my family who supported me in my early days.

I have a work shop and I mass manufacture kids clothing and sell pan India.

One thing I believe in strongly is that nothing comes easy, you got to prove yourself and work smart towards your passion.

My love for children and passion for fashion led me to start Rose Couture, a clothing line designed especially for girls aged six months to six years. Rose Couture showcases some of the most colourful and floral designs. The clothes are made just for occasion and party wear, keeping in mind all the latest trends in kids’ fashion.


We started working on initial concept by scribbling on paper in the month of June 2016 and registered our company Spectrum clothing on October 26/2016 having our brand name as Rose couture.

Starting from sourcing the team to the legal part of the start-up, each day has been a new experience.

When your product is good, adds some value and you have some well-wishers and strong mentorship around, I think the journey becomes great.

We started working with e-com portals like First Cry and realized many loop holes in terms of cut sizes, wrong returns and then took decision to enter into the retail market as well


Today we sell across major cities like Gujarat, Assam, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad through distribution and agency.

From one team member, we are today a team of 15 young ladies.

I think I am blessed in that case, my family is been extremely supportive when I was working then and running my own organization now. And I feel that trust comes when they see your passion and loyalty towards your work.

I’ve learned from my own experience, when you switch career and start businesses: Prepare to work harder than you ever have.


Women need to understand the importance of business network building.

It’s important to have a strong purpose and strong WHY which will help you for the long run.

I am teaching my team to be career driven than job seeker. Building a sense of belonging and taking ownership. Making them believe in outcome than output. It takes a good amount of time to build a business, having a positive outlook and not stopping to believe is very important. There has never been a successful business owner that hasn’t run into some challenges. most important Integrity towards suppliers and making them feel part of the journey together is the ultimate way towards success.


I strongly promote #Women Empowerment by training & hiring young women from the lower socio-economic backgrounds & aim to provide strong purpose to their lives. It’s soul satisfying to see these young ladies making mark in their lives, contributing to their families finicially,helping young siblings in educational support or buying vehicle on their own or supporting parents to pay home loans etc.

I also to aim to employ young females with “special needs”. (Physically challenged)
with minor Down syndrome or disability like hearing impaired etc. and want to to come in main stream as I believe Beyond Disabilities there are Infinite Possibilities. I am truly passionate about my dream.

At Rose Couture it is believed “Number of products we create is equal to number of smiles we create on the faces of our little shoppers!”


Our Vision describes the WHAT

What we are trying to achieve in the future.

To be one of the most “Customer Preferred” Brand Leader in Clothing Line for Kids in India and globally because we know a child’s favourite outfit can make every day a great one.


Our Mission describes the WHY

Declares our organization’s purpose, or why it exists

  • To make every child “Feel beautiful” and “Look beautiful”
  • To work collaboratively with women to Empower themselves to contribute to their family and community’s social, cultural, and economic growth.
  • To create products that provides opportunities of Growth for our company and team members










Dressire x Designers : Sheetal Bhadani Chandra

sheetal bhandani.jpg
After over eight years of being in the banking industry, Sheetal Bhadani Chandra realized her heart and brain both needed something more. A creative soul always finds its tune sooner or later and this need to explore a more creative platform made this successful MBA graduate quit her well-paying job to start her own little creative studio. This was when Silverdot Design Studio was born. The last two years, Sheetal has dedicated her time and priority into generating exclusive platforms and work for home opportunities for women who need a stage while balancing families and other responsibilities. This has led to creating a unique and hardworking force that thrives on efficient and out of the box creativity. With a life that holds nostalgia of growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in India, her upbringing has influenced her love for India and all things culturally and ethnically rooted to being Indian. This has been the influencing factor in creating her in house brand Loophoop that curates exclusive artisan goods and makes it available globally. This is just the beginning for her.
What is the inspiration behind your designs?
We want to capture the essence of ethnic India in a very contemporary manner. So with all the designs what we curate, there is an essence of old world charm.
What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
We pick up particular weave and offer our products for each season. Say for summer we have pickedup Linen , Ikkat , mulmul cotton and have launched linen saree collection , mulmul sarees and dress material etc.
What challenges did you face when launching your brand?
The initial setting up of e-commerce store, planning for offline promotion was cumbersome. I will not term it as challenge but yes being into new business one cannot predict initially what will click with clients.
What are your plans for the future?
Our plan is to pick up each and every weave from different states and bring it to the main stream fashion. We like Jamdani , Sambalpuri.  We are yet to explore these weaves.
What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?
Be confident, be persistent. Don’t give up easily.
What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?
Do what ever interests you. Devote a year to do lot of trials and market study and be consistent with your approach.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
The availability of so many different regional products and people are deprived of such exclusive crafts. For example linen sarees are a comfortable product but it’s availability is limited/ reach is limited or clients mostly do not know a convenient way to buy it
online .
what is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?
Client connect is very important, unlike eccomerce stores my clients wish to connect with me on personal chat window. Learn about the products,etc. and then purchase. Today’s clients want human touch. And as a company we are creating a large pool of resources who will be available for consultation on char with clients , so that the non tech savvy community can also easily shop online and buy the best products.
How would you describe your brand?
Loophoop is a people’s company. We have priced our products in such a way that it is easily affordable by the masses. Curated and handcrafted products offered with lots of personal touch.

Trendsetter of the Week : Avinka Sardana

trensetter banner copy31946138_10210967010162225_7208860060942860288_n.jpgAn event manager turned restaurant owner, Avinka Sardana turned her hobbies into a profession. She started her career with event management, doing events for schools and corporates. She then started her restro in Shahpur Jat by the name of ‘One Hour’.
They have organic ingredients from farms and cook in earthen pots.
She strongly believes in living her life in a happy way. She fought her own battles against domestic violence and harassment and overcome all that to help motivate other women.
My fashion motto? 
Only buy clothes that last forever.
My favourite style influencers?
Desert Mannequin and Sona Mahabatra
One thing that most people don’t know about me?
That I love writing
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
Bell bottoms
My favourite party attire?
Indian handcrafted textile sarees
The worst trend to ever become popular is?
Polka dots
The first thing I notice about people?
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
At the end of the day, what would you want your wardrobe to say about you?
Beauty in everything

Dressire x Designers : Sheetal Srivastava

sheetal.jpgimage_6483441 (7).JPGMrs Delhi Studio De Design is famed for its crafted designs and elegance delivered through every masterpiece stitched.
What sparked your interest in fashion? 
When I was teenager my passion was to work in  fashion line. So that passion inspired me to create your own creativity.
And definitely the support from my husband.
What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
Each season has different demands. So accordingly we need to prepare ourselves with different designs to face the competition.
As per weather, occasions we need to select fabrics and accordingly design it.
image_6483441 (4)
What were the challenges you faced?
There were a number of challenges inside and outside before launching our brand.
Family was against it.
And in a outside world there was lot of competition.
So we made a different strategy of working with others then launched it.
image_6483441 (6)
What are your future plans?
Future plans includes opening more branches.
image_6483441 (3)
What are the keys to success for women in India?
Start any thing with a different strategy and plan.
My guidance to new comer is to have faith on your self and whatever you do with
heart and with full honesty
Then only you can win the heart of a any client .
image_6483441 (5)
image_6483441 (1)

Trendsetter of the Week : Manjul Sharma

trensetter banner copy
Manjul Sharma born and bought up in Himachal had left to Delhi after marriage and joined her family business that manufactures Indian classical instruments.
This business has catered Pt Ravi Shankar, Kishori Amonkar, Ustaad Amjad Ali Khan Sab, Pt bhajan Sopori, Pt Jasraj, Pt shiv Kumar Sharma, Anoushka Shankar, A. R Rehman  George Harrison, Paul McCartney  from the famous Beatles band.
She is  philanthropist and already runs an NGO to promote Indian classical music and art of making instruments by holding concerts time to time by the name of “SRRVP”
As a promoter, she is being hired by organisations to judge many talent shows and fashion shows nationally and internationally

My wardrobe essentials?

  • Black palazzos
  •  Denims
  • White shirt
  • Well fitted long formal dress
  • Nude heels


 My favourite style influencers?
Jennifer Lopez, Gisele bundchen, Kendall Jenner, Sonam Kapoor


Favourite office attire?

Oversized cotton pajama with elastic band.


Brands I love?

one can feel the Indian soul in his every design ..
Versace – my all time favourite brand
Marc Jacobs as a versatile designer


Dressire x Designers : Priyanka Tejaswee

amit talwar copy


June 2011, Priyanka Tejaswee graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design with three major awards. Perhaps, the only one student to win three most illustrious awards with a unanimous decision of all judges in the panel. It took her absolutely no time to decide her future from then. She decided not to sit for any companies during placements, and launched her eponymous label ‘Tejaswee Design Studio’ within three months of her graduation. As a fashion designer, she opted not to evaluate a design from all angles of psychological, economic, anthropological, or social which is driven by extensive research on cultural influences and arts of the period; not because she is overwhelmed by the work of art but she believed in appreciating artist work from the ‘art for art’s sake’ angle. Today, her label ‘Tejaswee Design Studio’ cocooned in a peaceful lane of Baner, Pune has become five-year-old label and celebrates the contentment of over 3,000 clientele who believe in her design philosophy.

Tejaswee Design Studio is an exclusive service that revolves around the concept of an extraordinary semblance of personality in designs. At Tejaswee Design Studio, our creative process starts after understanding customer’s choice of designs and occasion. From there, we develop an extensive line to suit the requirement of our customers in the budget they are comfortable.
Our concept lies in providing the customer a clothing that speaks their language and not the trend crossovers. We do not force our garment/designs but we understand their requisites.
Majorly a label for designer wear for all occasions.

Priyanka Tejaswee’s every design is infused with vibrancy and creativity. A one-stop garment hub, Tejaswee Design Studio specializes in unique designs in bridal, ethnic, western, formals, casuals & mix match collection.
With in-house facility for stitching, embroidery, dyeing, fabrics. With creative and unconventional designs, the label participated in exhibitions and has designed collections for a few fashion week designers.

What is your inspiration behind your designs?

I get inspiration from everything I see around myself – the people, streets, cuisine, bazaars and chowks. Inspirations are sudden and organic for me, its not like a creative process that is rigid and time-dictated. I extensively take photographs of every place I visit and at the end of my tour when I sit to see all the images together, my mood board is already ready.


What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?

I spiral deep into the core theme of my collection where each collection evokes the theme in its true form. For e.g., if my collection is driven by the theme of ‘nostalgia’, I ensure all the elements comes together to weave a story and reach to my client. My primary motto is to romance the lyrical narrative of the theme with day-to-day functionality.

What challenges did you face when launching your brand?

The biggest challenge was to arrive at the best location where the right clientele resides. I have never been worried about setting my proposition and credibility for the brand as the work eventually transpires to the end consumer in the due course of time.


 What are your plans for the future?

On the design front, we are working on our Summer/Monsoon 2019 collection and are soon proliferating our product-line. A few other exciting things are in the pipeline which will unfold over the course of the year.

What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

My only advice is to listen to your intuition and do what you love because when we do what we love is when we develop that strength that supersedes any challenges, roadblocks or failures in the way. Hard work and a right attitude to work is a bonus.


What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?

Devise a clear strategy for your label. Fashion market today is extremely volatile and is full of competition. In a span of less than a decade, fashion has grown from 0 to 100. Hence, it is indispensable to cut the clutter and come out strong with a proposition that is fresh, original and has a strong character.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I had an interest in fine arts since my childhood days. I used to scribble, doodle, sketch and paint almost everyday when everybody in my family slept. So, this was always native. I started my small vocation of this favorite pastime of mine and made some good pocket money during my high-school days. It was only during my college days, I realized to make this as my full-time career and earn my employment out of this. The ever-changing nature and dynamics of fashion space always keep me grooved and interested.


What is the biggest lesson you have learned since you started your company?

Stand with your values. Sometimes, out of occupational interest or operational difficulties, we begin to be functional with our values. But in a long run, those who stand strong and solid with their ideologies and values carve a niche for themselves and qualify to inspire mass with their work.

How would you describe your brand?

Tejaswee is a label that romances with purity of native with an appeal of the modern. Our garments draws direct inspiration from our heritage, exude local charm and explores an expressive idiom with both, East and West.


Trendsetter of the Week : Rajshri Jain

trensetter banner copy

Rajshri Jain began her teaching career in 1989 and has more than 10 years of experience in the field. She has served as the Education Counselor at New Cambridge Public School and is closely associated with the management and administration of the institute.


She is a multi faceted woman who believes in following your passions diligently while maintaining work life balance at the same time.

My fashion motto?
To look elegant and gorgeous
3 words to describe my sense of style? 


29365678_1685103021565370_4995473356716244992_o (1)
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Red chiffon saree
Little black dress
Blue denim
LV bag
Gucci perfume
My favourite style influencers?
Nita Ambani/Julia Roberts
One thing that most people don’t know about me?
I am never jealous of anyone
My favourite party attire?

a jumpsuit

The first thing I notice about people?

Their eyes

The best fashion advice I have ever received?
minimal makeup
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
90’s(Sridevi era)
At the end of the day, what would you want your wardrobe to say about you?
She is elegant and stylish
I’m dying to splurge on.. (fashion item)
a traditional long polki necklace

Trendsetter of the Week : Kamal Monga

trensetter banner copy


Kamal Monga is the co-ownder of Cherish Banquets and Ministry of Beer in Gurgaon and Connought Place. She is also a social worker and teaches children from slums.


My sense of style?
clean, polished & feminine
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
I am very conscious of my social image and wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything that went against it.
My favourite party attire?
stylish gowns
The worst trend to ever become popular?
sagging pants.
The first thing I notice about people?
Their facial expressions & eyes contact
My style secret?
My beautiful smile. It’s my special ornament that I wear every time.
The best fashion advice I have ever received is?
* When not sure, go for black.
* Heels are very important in women’s life. It not only gives your leg shape but it helps you walk like a lady.

Dressire x Designers : Sukriti Ralli


34646770_1509994522439750_4108097684177420288_nSukriti is  a delhi based entrepreneur dealing in women’s ethnic wears & kids wear. She started this online business at the age of 19. Through “Guzarish Creations”, she is trying to regain the lost image(Goodwill) of online business. From trading to exporting & now trying hands in “Renting Out” outfits, she has covered a milestone, there are many more to be achieved.

“My aim in life is to inspire everyone to follow their dreams, no matter how difficult it gets in the beggining. It is absolutely fine if one falls in life but its a terrible feeling to give up on one’s dream because of the fall.”


It is followed by the idea to provide the best quality at the lowest cost possible. The source of inspiration is every women whose idea of beauty is to wear new attires every time & get applauded and appreciated for her noteworthy style.

We closely work on the ways to come up with designs which are a blend of style, comfort, trend & quality-all in one.


This is the question I always wanted to answer. Well, I belong to a family of professionals. Since I started this business- “GUZARISH CREATIONS” at a age of 19, people had a queer mindset. Everytime I used to talk about “GUZARISH CREATIONS”, people used to laugh at me. I had been served with questions & taunts in Platter. Some of the questions were as follows : “why are you doing this?” “Eww.. selling online? who buys from online sites? and the one of the taunts I will shamelessly mention here, ” I know, you sell your stuff in weekly local markets” .The person who said that,is my acquaintance.
So, if I talk about convincing people about my goals & dreams, it had been a hard task but I follow this theory in life and that kept me going. “CHALLENGES ARE IMPORTANT TO CONQUER YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS. IF YOU DO NOT FACE CHALLENGES, YOU NEVER VALUE WHAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED”.
Time is a teller. People who mocked at me are proud of my decisions today and look up to me as an inspiration.~However, if I talk about establishing “GUZARISH CREATIONS” as a brand in the market, there were not many challenges. I kept my targets in my mind always & accepted the need of an hour. I always enjoyed my journey as a “Founder of GUZARISH CREATIONS” and everyday I find a new aspect of “GUZARISH CREATIONS”.


To establish an excitement among foreigners to adopt our culture by wearing ethnic wears to their workplace, events etc.
While in India, I want to provide opportunities to millions of women out there who wants to be independent. I want to make a special mention about those women who had to let go their aims & desires because of other commitments. If I can provide power to their wings to fly through “GUZARISH CREATIONS”, that would be something I will be happy about.


One needs to carry a ” confidence” in her soul and never digress from the path of “hard work”.


You are a woman and that is your super power. Most importantly, believe in your dreams rather than the circumstances or resources.

“FASHION” is the reflection of one’s soul. Since I believe in spreading happiness, I chose to do it through “Fashion


If you listen to your soul, you never take a wrong decision. Well. I would have spent my life working in a MNC with a monotonous schedule. All thanks to my bestfriend who kept nagging to do something different in life & of course my family who enlightened my path to dream.


“GUZARISH CREATIONS” is a brand you can rely on & trust on. We at “GUZARISH CREATIONS”, go an extra mile to fulfil your requirements.
From buying or renting out to getting a dress designed as per your own choice , we are always on our feet.


Trendsetter of the Week : Sonali Aggarwal

trensetter banner copy
20939103_1983743501874954_244105018_nName : Sonali Agarwal
Profession : Owns “Starlite events” & “Starlite Womens Club (SWC) that is a social fun club for women in which we organise theme based events
My fashion motto? 
Never go with trends, wear what you like!

3 words to describe my sense of style?

My 5 essential wardrobe elements? 
-Classic black pants
-Plain white tee
-Flat ballets
-Classic heels


You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
Red pants

The worst trend to ever become popular is?
Off shoulder tops


The first thing I notice about people?

My style secret?
Just “Keep it simple”.


The best fashion advice I have ever received?
Look for comfort before anything else. Only then you can slay in any outfit.

At the end of the day, what would you want your wardrobe to say about you?
“I need more new clothes”😂