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Aarti Bhatia is a tarot card reader  Akashic Reader, Numerologist, & Clinical Hypnotist

She has been practicing for past 15 years .She believes her 25 years of connection with occult and mythology has made a firm and sound base to help her clients .

Her experience with different age groups and different issues has really strengthened her readings.

Her journey for occult started when she was herself very young . Her love for numbers and their interplay in her life gave her wings to impact others life  in a positive way .According to her, God speaks in numbers . The different vibrations of a number like one’s thoughts bring the same vibrational frequency people and situations in ones life .


She has written for weekly tarot for Dainik Bhaskar for five years .

Her Mythology columns are read and appreciated by many .


My fashion motto?
Fashion Motto for me is more about comfort and class and less about being a fashion chick
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Simple , Sophisticated and Vogue-ish
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
Black dress, A scarf, Black heals,White shirt and Slacks.
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
My favourite party attire?
Bright colored long dress or a gown with a silk scarf .
The first thing I notice about people?
The honesty which I can read through their eyes .

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