Trendsetter of the Week : Kamal Monga

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Kamal Monga is the co-ownder of Cherish Banquets and Ministry of Beer in Gurgaon and Connought Place. She is also a social worker and teaches children from slums.


My sense of style?
clean, polished & feminine
You wouldn’t catch me wearing?
I am very conscious of my social image and wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything that went against it.
My favourite party attire?
stylish gowns
The worst trend to ever become popular?
sagging pants.
The first thing I notice about people?
Their facial expressions & eyes contact
My style secret?
My beautiful smile. It’s my special ornament that I wear every time.
The best fashion advice I have ever received is?
* When not sure, go for black.
* Heels are very important in women’s life. It not only gives your leg shape but it helps you walk like a lady.

One thought on “Trendsetter of the Week : Kamal Monga

  1. Thanks alot dear for ur love n honour i am vry impressed with ur work u r vry humble n sweet u doing vry well for d ladies who r not show confidently
    Urself 👌🏻❤️Thankx alot sweetheart 🌹


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