Dressire x Designers : Harsheen Kohli

30652370_10157225409850278_2496895614239899648_nHarsheen Kohli is a Delhi based designer, working for the last 8 years. She started Binels by Harsheen Kohli, taking her daughter’s name as inspiration. She started selling Pakistani suits but now she designs and sells her very own creations.
What is the inspiration behind your designs?
I have grown up taking my mother and grandmother as my inspiration for my designs.
Their dressing style is always a favorite topic in our family, everyone just admires them and praises them for their style and that has helped me a lot in my career.
What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
Wearing not what everyone is wearing but what everyone wants to wear.
What sparked your interest in fashion?
My love for dressing up helped me choose fashion as a career. Fashion for me is something that makes someone choose how and what to wear.
What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?
After 8 years of working in this industry, I have learnt that you are successful when people try to copy you. That’s when we should not react but calm down and celebrate that yes, we have made it. Our work is admirable and people follow us.
How would you describe your brand?
My brand is a blend of tradition and modernity.

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