Divas of Dressire : Rashmi Sachdeva

*Glamour for a Glorious Cause*
Wherever she goes, the heads start turning.  Such is the magnetism in her appearance.  And if you happen to have the opportunity of interacting with this majestic beauty, you are bound to be enamored by her positive aura and kind soul.
Rashmi Sachdeva, a full fledged home maker, a devoted wife and mother, is the beauty beyond the ordinary. This scintillating and fascinating woman holds several crowns, to name a few, Elite Mrs Delhi, Mrs India, Mrs Universe Eurasia 2016; is model for more than a dozen fashion and household brands, prides the uniqueness of being the first non Bollywood celebrity to have opened a fashion show at the Cannes, and is often seen as the chief guest, guest of honour, celebrity guest etc. in the shows attended by the who’s who of the fashion, glamour and social circles.
Over and beyond all this, what truly separates her from the crowd is that she wholeheartedly supports the welfare of thalassaemic children and contributes enthusiastically towards prevention and eradication of thalassaemia.

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