Divas of Dressire : Rashme

Rashme is an expert in the art of divination and has adopted some pagan as well as modern ways of predicting the future for her clients. Her sessions include counselling, advise and solutions to problems. Among the methods she has mastered are divining through Tarot cards, Runes, Numerology, Dowsing, Tea leaves reading and the Crystal Ball. She has been helping her clients to deal with various issues related to marriage, love, finance and health for more than 23 years.
Having studied and inculcated different methods of healing she heals through the Shamanic practices and rituals, crystal healing, chakra balancing and cleansing, Pranic Yogic and other kinds of energy healings.
A session with her infuses you with her own positive high level energy and vibrations. She teaches you how to be and feel positive and create your own magic! She believes nothing is unattainable in this universe and the age that we live in. You can manifest what you want. ASK AND YOU SHALL GET is her mantra for success.

She has anchored her own weekly TV show on Zee for more than four years on Tarot predictions for all Sun signs, Crystal Healing and Dream Interpretation which was a great hit that won her acclaim internationally .

She is currently writing a book on Positive Magic.

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