Dressire x Designers : Jesleen Talwaar


The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. We are all creative beings, it’s just that when we listen to the calling, we dive in.

Write it, sing it, shoot it, design it, crochet it, or for that matter sauté it,what ever it is ….. just MAKE.

Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child.
My story starts with my inclination towards clothes, colors, embroidery and fashion right from the childhood. I picked it up from my mom. During my vacations apart from reading, I would seldom find myself involved in learning and doing embroidery, stitching, knitting, crocheting, painting and music.
To actualize the designs that I used to draw I had kept just one tailor and an embroiderer at home when I was just in second year of my college.
Design is not a thing you do. It’s a way of life. Academically, I pursued masters in English literature and Education. Simultaneously I took up Hindustani classical music for five years under the tutelage of Sdr G. s . Sardarji and Sh Surendra Goswami ji . And I realized that whatever sparked my interest, I pursued. Little did I realize that time that the calling of my passion would be so much persuasive that it would become my main line.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift,The purpose of life is to give it away “. William Shakespeare

And here I am self-employed as a designer and stylist for the last 20 years
Brand :
Initially when I started, I used to supply to some domestic showrooms then gradually I started having my own clientele from even as far as UK , US and Canada.
I started with indo western concepts under the name of SILVER STRAP and rechristened it to IN VOGUE BY JES in 2010 when I started adding different lines, ethnic  as well as western as per the demand.
IN VOGUE BY JES aims to create clothing that speaks for its quality, envisions to reach out to more people by word-of-mouth for its quality and style .
Our objective is to cater to our clients not only pieces of clothing but an art of style that can be carried with grace  and confidence.  For we believe that our creative work will tell it’s story.
Every season we bring our own design line. Each garment so designed renders the convenience to the clients for coordinating from our separates to style  an ensemble for themselves as per their needs.
Apart from that we try to assist clients to pick up styles as per their personality and shapes giving them a complete personality makeover. We also guide them with the shopping needs accordingly.
What is the inspiration behind your designs?
I get attracted to colours that nature offers; the hues of skies, the shades of colours in flowers, the tones of mud ….I feel all that helps me with the aesthetic part.
Colour as a concept is very abstract and subjective in itself. I aim to invoke the same moods to the wearer as I draw myself from nature.


What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?
I am pretty conservative with fabrics that are used, conventional silks, brocades ,velvets for winters. Mulls, Chanderis, nets and chinnon, chiffons for summers
The fabric, its texture, sheen and fall usually brings a question as to what best I can make out of it
I keep in mind to design a wearable line.

What challenges did you face launching your brand ?
I have never actually launched my brand officially. It is just that it grew on its own and I was hellbent that I would strive to promote it through my work speaking for its own.
Lacking a formal design education will always be my Achilles heel, but also my greatest asset. I can’t make as good sketches as ones who  have formal training but I can envision a garment in every detail its fall, drape, the colour, problems in fabrication etc. Above all I can convey it to my team and guide them as to how to go about.
It’s been more than 20 years now, I sustained and grew all because of my clients who had full faith on me all through these years.


What are your plans for the future?
I envision myself to reach out to more people by word of mouth for my work not because of only business interests but to satiate my artistic yearnings by adorning them in my creations.


What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?
I think women all over the globe are endowed with an innate ability to multitask efficiently in spite of the odds. Persistence and perseverance are other factors. Above all if you love what you do, the success follows.

What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?
Follow your passion and just don’t give up . That’s what I did.Work to prove yourself to yourself
When I left education line for fashion, my friends and family opposed the idea saying that anybody can do this and according to them it was a foolish on my part that I refused to take up a job offered as a principal in the neighbourhood school. Not even one percent I regret that because I chose what my heart said and your heart’s calling is destiny‘s voice.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt since you started your company?
One is always at a learning mode, one thing is for sure that when you are a mediator you have a responsibility of both your team as well as clients and you cannot forsake interests of either.


How would you describe your brand?
In vogue by Jes believes in changing with the times and adapting to the ever changing trends in the world. Today’s world demands flexibility and that is what which we are trying to bring in our work as well. We feel that by giving fixed sets of outfits to our clients , we are simply curbing their flexibility and creativity. Hence this is primarily the reason we offer separates and help them create their own style as per their body types ,personality and need.

“The fashionable body is due for a change
And over the years has encountered a range
Of shapes and sizes dictated by trends
Because the quest for vogue never ends”

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