Dressire x Designers : Aamna Singh “Divinitti”

Label Divinitti is a premium and contemporary womenswear and accessories brand by fashion industry expert Aamna Singh. We distribute fabrics to trade customers, both wholesale and retail throughout the UK and India. (Elite fabrics/Designer pcs/stitched/semi stitched to state a few  ) and we only do corporates and Exhibitions.
Among the pieces on display are the label’s hand curated/ handpicked hugely influential “designs, offering visitors something they would love to add to their wardrobe.
Combining eclectic mix of textures, colours and silhouettes, Label Divinitii is focused with a signature identity our customers relish.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I love the power of clothing and the transformative quality of dressing up. I think my love of fashion has always been there for as long as I can remember. I enjoy doing crafty things at home; art, drawing, small sewing projects, knitting, cross stitch, embroidery, etc.




How would you describe your brand?

Label Divinitti is a mix of several influences including contemporary and western. I love the delicate craftsmanship of Indian artisans and also showcasing high quality fabrics.




What is the inspiration behind your designs?

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it. A lot of the influences come from my travels, flamboyant textiles, bold colours and flattering cuts. Everybody is looking for things that are difficult to find, so I strive to strike a balance between what’s in trend and my individual signature.



What are the key elements for you when designing a collection for each season?

In general, we all search for inspiration in the same places: fashion blogs, movies, and travels, but the element that will make any work stand out is the personal interpretation of those things. For me, it may be a certain colour story or silhouette or fabric that I’m drawn to, so I may use this as the foundation for the collection.

What challenges did you face when launching your brand?

It is really difficult to be a fashion start up nowadays simply because there are so many brands competing out there. The industry is crowded and consequently it gets harder to sell and make your mark. From the organisational point, there are so many areas that need to be covered before launching (business plan, capital, vendors, design, production etc.) and then many practical elements once you are up and running (creating your niche, marketing, developing the brand, collaborations, etc.). Having said that, I think the biggest challenge I have faced is balancing family life (I’m blessed with 2 kids), plus running another business alongside (a thriving playschool) which left me with limited time to develop Label Divinittii.


What are your plans for the future?

As a new brand I believe in the importance of collaborations so I’m always engaging with emerging brands – in particular the ones that resonate with Label Divinitti’s aesthetic. I plan to open up couple stores over the next year as well as showcasing my collection in independent boutiques.


What do you think are the keys to professional and business success for women in India?

Be prepared to make lots of mistakes but know those mistakes are your learning curve. Also, if you want to take it seriously you need clarity and passion. Without passion, our dreams become a burden and nobody achieves great success if they feel stressed all the time. So have fun whilst you are at it!


What advice would you give to young women readers who want to follow a similar career path as you?

Research and write a business plan! Ask questions and get out there and talk to your ideal customer and/or mentors. Choose who you work with, be organized and enjoy the whole process!



What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

I’ve learned that in any business you depend on many, many people to make things happen so you need to assemble a great team of people to do things well.



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