Dressire x Designer : Raini Sharma

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Raini has a boutique, ‘Mahika creations’ in Rajouri Garden where she customizes all kinds of designer clothes in Western, Indowestern and Ethinic.
Art and fashion were amongst my first passion and hobbies. I never imagined I could work in any other sector. I always wanted to make the things I love through my observations of the world. Finally, I would say that designing is the best way I found to create my own visions and quite simply to express myself.
Fashion is more than a hobby to me. The thing that really sparked my interest in fashion was that it had so many aspects that I could never get bored of it. I feel great when people praise my work. The ability to create something that others will enjoy emotionally and physically is the best aspect. Showing your skills to the world, hopefully changing it as you go a long.

Launching a new brand is both exciting and scary. As I came out of our launch, I realized that there were a lot of challenges I had to face to get through, it can be financial or extremely tempting to hire people who will work for the least amount of money. Employees are one of the biggest brand advocates a company can have, so its extremely important to hire people who are committed and excited about their jobs.

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Plans for future
To convert my boutique into a big fashion store, to send my dresses to big fashion shows and to make my brand famous.

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Keys to success for women
Women entrepreneurs are a little more successful today as they are more ambitious than their male counterparts. In India’s bounding startup ecosystem, women entrepreneurs could learn from this and pursue larger than life goals without fear.

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Advice to young readers
Project your confidence, get over the shyness, don’t trip over your emotional story. No matter what your weakness is, be it finance or technology or anything else, get over with it. So test yourself over and over again, take feedback and make the necessary changes. We need to own our destiny. At the end of the day only we are going to create our future.

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Biggest lesson I have learnt
Hard work outweighs talent and intelligence is necessary if you want to succeed. This  not only means working hard when things are going well but working harder when things are not.
I have learned to be confident enough to accept my faults. Don’t waste your time trying to cover up your faults, face reality and do your best to work around these faults.
Never forget to learn from your past.
Respect to all. No matter where you go in the world, you will find that all people share similar traits. So respect every person you meet, no matter who they are or what types of status they had.
And the last but very important point is don’t be afraid to start small. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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