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Name : Gayatri Ojha
They say a woman wears many hats. We are featuring one such multi-faceted woman in this times feature, Gayatri Ojha – a staunch corporate woman, a self-taught artist, an avid traveller, a self-confessed spirituality addict on a quest to awaken her true inner potential and a style enthusiast! While her mainstay is to launch high profile marketing campaigns for one of the worlds largest energy company, that doesn’t deter her from traveling the world in style and creating beautiful art inspired by her myriad experiences. When we asked her where she comes from, she aptly replied ‘from this world and from her experiences’. One thing that’s constant in her life, no matter how high the tide gets, is her sense of style. As Coco Chanel said – ‘a woman can have anything in this world if she dresses for it’.


My fashion motto?

Fashion should empower women and allow us to really live the different parts we play everyday. Sometimes serious, sometimes mellow, sometimes upbeat. A piece of clothing according to me fits in best when it reflects my mood.


3 words to describe my sense of style?

Bohemian Free Spirit

My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

A black belt, A printed kimono, A pair of boyfriend distressed jeans, A pair of beige booties and a head scarf !

One can create manifold permutations using any of the above.


My favourite style influencers?

I am extremely inspired by Kalki and her sense of effortless style. And Audrey Hepburn is a classic style icon that I adore!

You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

I am addicted to Kohl and I will be damned if I was found dead without the good old kajal that my grandmother used to put in my eyes since I was a 2 year old!


My favorite party attire?

A low back – backless sling dress in chiffon.

My favorite work attire?

A formal blazer with a feminine outfit like a print dress/wide-legged flowy pants.


Brands I love?

I love Masaba for its combination of drama and bohemia, and I absolutely adore Kate Spade and Balmain

A fashion blunder you have made in the past?

Worn too many accessories – the rule as per me is not to exceed 3.

My go to must have accessory?

A statement hand cuff – It can dramatize any outfit in a jiffy.


If you would like to be featured next, please send an email at

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