Trendsetter of the Week


Name : Rashmi Jolly

Profession : Founder of Body Redesign.

F blue dress 2

Rashmi works as a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant under her brand providing fitness solutions to people looking for permanent fat loss and muscle building.

Body Redesign logo

Credentials from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association of USA):

  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition

Her journey in fitness started 2 decades ago when she started educating herself by researching & participating on different fitness forums, and experimenting with various modes of fitness. Going through many years of such trial and error, she gradually gained considerable amount of knowledge in this field by taking the guess work out of the process, by knowing what will or won’t work, and by dismissing practices that were an absolute waste of time and money.

F Frill dress

Later she decided to translate her passion for health and fitness into a career by attaining professional certification from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association of USA), an accredited and renowned institute for fitness & health professionals.

She is now helping people achieve their personal fitness goals and betterment in quality of life & health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She offers her clients goal specific, fully customized, safe and effective programs to bring about life changing transformations through her venture Body Redesign.

She has been regularly writing articles on fitness for various magazines of India, health columns, newsletter & online fitness magazines.

F Blue Harem

Her undying belief in the phrase ”What The Mind Believes, The Body Achieves is reflected in her own fitness goals, leading to magical results.

My fashion motto?

A Fit Healthy Body – That Is The Best Fashion Statement.

F blue dress 1

3 words to describe my sense of style?

Simple, Feminine, Stylish

My 5 essential wardrobe elements?

A pair of black heels, a pair of blue jeans, a black dress, a nude strapless bra, evening clutch.

F Beige skirt

My favourite style influencers?

Shilpa Shetty.

You wouldn’t catch me wearing?

Too much jewellery.

My favourite party attire?

Any attire which is one shoulder or off shoulder.

F Rina Patola

My favorite work attire?

Knee length or longer skirt with top.

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