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Name : Dr. Balesh Jindal

Dr. Balesh Jindal is a graduate of the prestigious Lady Hardinge Medical College and has been in General Practice for over thirty two years. As a result, she has an extensive experience in primary health care, corporate consulting, emergency medicine and family medicine. She was a pioneer in providing a single stop health facility in a place which had no efficient health centre and was infested with quacks. She started with educating the locals about basics of ethical medical care. It was a daunting task in the initial decade. At times it seemed hopeless.  It was a lone battle but made her courageous.FullSizeRender_7She ventured into providing low cost medical care. She treated, educated and counselled her patients patiently and single handedly changed the social mores and brought in modern and scientific perspective over the years. Now, she has numerous villages and towns as her catchment area. Child mortality due to measles, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, typhoid, malnutrition etc. has fallen drastically in her catchment area. She provides a no frills medical service where anyone can walk in and be diagnosed and treated in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost possible.

Her essay on sexual abuse was selected from entries from all over the world for the Award for Compassion by Stanford University. She was invited to Stanford University to meet the Dalai Lama. She donated the prize money to a Delhi school to hold workshops on sexual abuse for children to make them aware of this menace in our society. She continues to educate and counsel students in Delhi schools in groups and privately. Her work in the schools on sexual abuse has been covered by the BBC on their official website titled “The most Compassionate Day in the World”.FullSizeRender_6Her passion to make a difference to people’s lives has given her an opportunity to be associated with two NGOs and an urban school in Delhi where she visits on a regular basis to sensitize children about sexual abuse and to empower them to report such incidents.

2Her collection of poems titled ‘Dear Father’ was published by Writer’s Workshop.

Here’s a poem by Dr. Balesh Jindal

Long After 

Long after the
wind stops
blowing through the
their limbs lie
lifeless, colourless.
Long after the fragrance
and swirls and swishes
of dear ladies
Fade away and
specks of dust settle
over all things new.
Long after all the smiles
and banters
Lie tucked and crumpled
in family albums
It is long after all the happiness
Contrived and derived
floats away.
I turn in myself
into myself to
to find
some meaning to this

Dr. Jindal has also been professional artist for the last twenty years and has had shows in India and abroad. Her art adorns the walls of many art collectors in India and abroad and has received accolades by the press and prominent art critics.


3 words to describe my sense of style?
Understated, quiet & elegant.
My 5 essential wardrobe elements?
White pants, a nice black top, pearls, brooch & a classy scarf.
My favourite party attire?
A black dress, a string of pearls and a matching stole.
My style secret?
I know my colours and keep my outfits simple and free from clutter.
The best fashion advice I have ever received?
The best fashion advice I follow is to buy the best fabric one can afford. I never compromise on the fabric.
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
I would love to go back to the era of Maharani Gayatri Devi when women wore chiffons and pearls.


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