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Name : Priyanka Solanki

Profession : With a Masters in Hospital Management from Manchester University UK, Priyanka is now settled in Pune, the Oxford of the East. She was born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra and her passions include anchoring, dancing, writing, acting and cooking.


“The mantra and tantra of my life is to stay fit. As a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

As they say, The Walk is the heart of any beauty pageant or fashion show and she has stolen the hearts of the judges and bagged the award for Mrs India Best Catwalk-Mrs India Queen Of Substance 2017.
My fashion motto?
Why to look your age when you can effortlessly look younger?
My style secret?
When you’re wearing the most fashionable clothes and all decked up to enter a party and if you don’t smell good, it is like a beautiful flower without fragrance! So, my style secret is wear a nice lasting perfume to smell good all the time.
If I could go back to any fashion era in history, the one I would choose is?
If I get a chance to go back to an era I would love to go back to the black and white movies era, the vintage era. I love vintage style a lot. Those vintage cars and attires are lot more sexier than the modern day fashion! I can easily carry the vintage style and I have been complimented to have that classic look!
At the end of the day, what would you want your wardrobe to say about you?
At the end of the day I want my wardrobe to say that I am one powerful lady who is the most stylish mom on earth and the most confident person (atleast in a room of the sorted white collared people!). It should speak about my personality, that I am unstoppable, elegant, bold yet very feminine and ORIGINAL! I prefer to set the trend rather than copying someone.
My favourite style influencers?
My wardrobe is immensely influenced by my dad and mom. Yes! Both of them have age defying and trendy styles. I don’t look out of my house for fashion tips. Whatever my mom used to wear then is now in vogue. Be it sarees or ghaghras! Once you’ve worn a great outfit, the second thing that matters the most to me is how you walk, talk and stand in that dress – this is what I have learnt from my dad.
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2 thoughts on “Trendsetter of the Week

  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooooow…. Love the variation one can have in styling… vintage to urban to sport to anything… loved the post.


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