How to Wear – Metallic Jewellery

How to Wear – Metallic Jewellery

Look 1 – #Socialqueen

This season, there’s a new trend: Metallic. Not only are metallic colors gorgeous but they also add a healthy glow to every skin tone. Metallic jewellery is perfect for everyday wear.

-In the world of metallic, silver and gold are classics.When paired with clever shapes, metallic colors are the ultimate winner.

-Charismatic, bold pieces create a strong presence with their authoritative appeal.

Dress : #AlexanderMcqueen
Shoes : #TomFord
Ear cuff : #IleanaMakri
Clutch : #JimmyChoo
Bracelet : #Rostantica
Choker : #JennyPackham
Blush : #Tarte

Style tips by Divya Dasari

jewelley look1.jpg

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