Lookbook for Sakshi Nischal

The lookbooks for Sakshi were created by our stylist, Godawari Vishwakarma.

All three looks are elegant, fun and classic. They are perfect for Sakshi as it gives a very effortless, simple but yet a very fashionable feel to each outfit.

Lookbook 1


  • Pulling off some shimmer and sequins is all about learning how to balance the complete look. Pair it with some matte accessories to add a touch of elegance.
  • A shift dress with the right fit will allow you to show off the right amount of curves subtly.


Lookbook 2


  • Multi-coloured scarves are the ideal accessories to use for a variety of outfit combinations. You can dress it up or dress it down with pretty much any colour in your wardrobe.
  • For this look, pair it over a casual, everyday wear and pick a colour from the scarf to match the rest of the accessories.
  • Wear long chains over a open buttoned, v-neck top to lengthen your neckline.


Lookbook 3


  • Playing with textures create a new dimension to your whole look. An effortless way of creating it, is by using colours of the same hue.
  • A knee length dress that cinches at the waist with statement jewelry is the perfect way to dress up this look.

Thank you Sakshi for inspiring all of us with your style and passion and for being our ‘Trendsetter of the Week’.

If you or your friends would like to be featured next or have us create lookbooks that has been personally made just for you, email us at contact@dressire.com


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