Trendsetter of the Week

Name : Namrita Chandi
Profession : Vice President at a renowned private helicopter company
                          Retired Wing Commander for the Indian Air Force
1. Awardee of the National Award “Ananya” by  the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2007.
2. Featured  in the Lima book of records as the first pair of sisters in the world (Chandi sisters) to have flown together as pilot and co-pilot.
3. First Lady to have landed a helicopter at the highest landing ground in the world.
My fashion motto?
Colour me bright
3 words to describe my sense of style?
Effortless, elegant & chic
One thing that people don’t know about me?
May appear ignorant but I pick up personalities quickly.
You wouldn’t catch me dead wearing..
Dull, dark colours.
My favourite party attire
Nothing beats wearing a saree in style.
I am dying to splurge on?
Floral prints
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